Care and Maintenance


  • Use felt pads under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables.
  • A protective hard floor chair mat should be used on any area where furniture with castors (such as an office chair) will be used.
  • Use mats at entry areas and clean on a regular basis. Mats should have a non-staining back.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Use drapes or blinds to minimize direct sunlight during peak sunlight hours.
  • Do not expose the floor to extreme temperatures.
  • Water leakage over or around the outer edges of the flooring can damage a wood subfloor, so clean up water as soon as possible.
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances, use protective boards or appropriate furniture movers designed for use over hard surface flooring.
  • Save a few planks in case of accidental damage. Planks can be replaced or repaired by a flooring professional.
  • If other trades are in the work area, a floor protector is highly recommended to prevent damage.
  • High heels, spiked shoes, and pets with unclipped nails can scratch or damage a floor's finish.
  • Promptly remove any standing water or other liquids.



  • Sweep regularly to remove surface grit and dust. Use a spray based approved vinyl cleaner and dry mop or pad to clean. Vacuum cleaners and steam mops should not be used to clean the floor.
  • Only use approved vinyl flooring cleaner. Never use wax, polish, abrasive cleaners, scouring agents, or vinegar as they may dull or distort the finish.